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Apple Macbook AIR MC969 (11.6 Inch inch, 128 GB - UltraThin)

Apple Macbook AIR MC969 (11.6 Inch inch, 128 GB - UltraThin)
Product Number: PROD1
Category: N/A
Hard Disk Capacity:
Operating System:
Price: 293 EUR


    The Alienware M14X laptop is a hardcore gaming device that comes packed with the latest features and gadgetry on offer today. Featuring an elegant and sleek design, this gaming laptop measures 13.3inch in width, 10.1inch in depth and 1.5 inch in height. A compact size enables you to carry it comfortably to gaming parties or tournaments, if at all you are an active participant in such events. The overall performance of Alienware M14X is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor clocked at a speed of 3.1GHz (with Turbo Boost). With the help of patented Intel technologies, the CPU provides you with a multitasking performance that you might have never heard of. All your games will be rendered with exceptional quality and details. The preinstalled Microsoft Windows 7 OS not only presents a user friendly interface but also manages the files effectively. The 4GB DDR3 RAM strengthens its processing capabilities and helps the laptop to take care of multiple tasks simultaneously.

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